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A global network of hospitality professionals solving the UK talent crisis

“There are over 78,000 sponsorship licences in use in the UK, and that number is growing.”
Home Office
“For the first time since records began, the number of vacancies in the UK is higher than the number of jobseekers.”
The Guardian
“HTUK has a network of specialist hospitality recruiters around the globe”
Ed Grimes - HTUK
“Chefs are the most sought after, with 76% of operators looking to recruit these positions…”
UK Hospitality
“HTUK offer a simple, cost effective solution to give UK Hospitality operators access to global talent”
“….nearly half (45%) of operators to cut trading hours or capacity in order to cope with staff shortages...”
UK Hospitality
“HTUK bring a global pool of fully vetted talent into UK hospitality businesses.”
“43% of UK hospitality companies are operating with fewer staff than needed.”
Restaurant Online
“Any role that qualifies for the skilled worker visa can be recruited through HTUK”
UK lost an estimated 460,000 EU workers since Brexit, while gaining 130,000 non-EU workers.”
Financial Times, Jan 2023.
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International recruitment made simple

We simplify and make the entire process affordable for our clients, allowing you to concentrate on your business. From obtaining your sponsorship license to connecting with our dedicated network of trained hospitality professionals, we've got it all covered.

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How we're different

Low Cost to Entry

No hidden charges, all costs shared up front. Our candidates are committed to coming to the UK and staying with you for the journey. A relatively small investment when you consider the benefits of having team stability.

Access to a global network

Our network is over 30 years in the making! We have partners in over 20 countries around the world and we are adding to that list all the time. You simply can't get access to the breadth and depth of talent we have in our network.

Ai Powered

Gone are the days of mismatched CVs sent to you by inexperienced recruiters. We have built an Ai tool that lets you explore our network directly, using simple language to get to the people that are right for you and your business.

We handle the paper work

We work with a team of highly experienced lawyers who take the pain out of sponsorship. We also offer full maintenance of your license once you have it so that you can rest assured that you are meeting your obligations.

Unmatched candidate care

Supported by HTUK for their entire journey, we offer all candidates the opportunity to receive behavioural coaching, guidance on living the UK and how to find the best value accommodation. They are truly part of our professional network, not just candidates and CVs. Unlike other operators in this space, we will NEVER charge candidates for our services.

Owned and managed by hospitality experts

Unless you have lived and breathed the UK hospitality sector from the inside, you can't possibly understand its challenges. We have worked in the sector, in board level roles for the last 30 years. We care about the sector, and that’s what inspired us to start this business.


Hire the Best Global Talent Today

We simplify the process and ensure affordability. From securing sponsorship licenses to connecting with skilled hospitality professionals, we've got it covered.

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“... I am hugely impressed with the quality of talent available through HTUK."

Neil Sebba

Managing Director

Our credentials

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Ed Grimes

CEO & Founder

Ed is a seasoned operator having held multiple board level roles in the likes of Pret, EAT., Za’ta. Traditionally in operational and business development roles Ed has enjoyed success through his ability to lead teams and engage people.

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Ed Godwin

Chief Strategy Officer

Ed’s career has been built in the retail, hospitality and leisure industries. Ed has operated in board level roles within the Retail, hospitality and leisure sectors over the last 30 years. More recently Ed has undertaken board advisory roles typically for companies wishing to improve employee experience and performance.